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Cardinal Climax. We are at the turning point. The collective mood will become more and more intense until a climax in 2017-2024.

Current world events are becoming more intense
The last days, an exact Cardinal Alignment between Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto has formed. This is an extremely powerful configuration, that is triggering and will trigger massive world changes. Dramatic heatwaves, dramatic flooding worldwide, threats of nuclear war, the oil spill, are just some of the few radical events occurring. We can also remember the last 12 months featuring a global economic meltdown, social revolutions in many countries, much civil unrest, many diplomatic conflicts, some wars and lots of threats in Iran and North Korea or even between Russia, China and the US, huge awareness about nuclear proliferation and climate change, a flu pandemic, huge earthquakes like Haiti and Chile, Obama as a president, the Greece crises, and the Icelandic volcano crises.

Large -scale events are coming
Uranus entry in Aries is always a dramatic period worldwide, mainly after Uranus crosses mid Aries, and that will be after 2014, in a cycle that goes 84 years after important years like 1930, 1846, 1762, 1510, 1342...

This is stuff like the Great Depression and World War II, American and French revolutions and Laki volcanic eruption, 1848 year of revolutions and Irish famine, the Spanish landing in Americas and Luther revolution, the Black Plague: these are very large-scale events!

The cardinal alignment not only trigger massive global change, but also massive change at a personal level, particularly to people with angles or planets in late mutable signs or early cardinal signs.

How will the next years be
The events will just increase in activity and intensity between now until 2014. By then it will apparently that world developments are just about to become a wave of massive world change. The mid decade will be a very energetic and unstable period (Uranus reaches the energetic region of mid Aries, as detailed in previous posts). This is followed by a long and gradual worldwide and massive revolution and transformation during the late 2010s and early 2020s (Pluto transits Aquarius, and Uranus transits Gemini, read former posts). This will be a major world history period!

Using waxing and waning cycles of outer planets to identify the cycles of the collective mood and the intensity of future events
The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) go through cycles forming between them conjunctions, waxing squares, oppositions, waning squares and conjunctions again. When a cycles is waxing, it induces a positive and constructive mood to the global collective, when the cycles is waning induces a more destructive and depressive mood. From history, periods with almost only waning cycles (around 1343, 1850, 1915, 1939) tends to correlate with massive destructive events such as plagues, famines and world wars. Periods with abundance of waxing cycles (such as after the second world war or between 1990 and 2000) correlate with economic booms, building and expansion and collective optimism.


Millennium optimism shifts now into a decade of major difficulties and challenges
From the graph it is clear that since 2000 the cycles have been turning waning one after the other, and so this is causing an increasingly collective depressive mood. This will continue and a negative peak will occur by 2015-2017 and until 2024, so this might correlate with a rather difficult period for mankind. This might be a great economic depression, famine or war. It will be not as worse as the world wars or the black plague, but it will more challenging than the sixties, or the current global recession. In fact it might be a great depression, at a scale larger than the last one during the thirties, maybe because there will be other dramatic events like a large-scale war, a famine or a significant climate change.

After 2025 a great wave of social adjustments and technological revolution
Afterwards, there will be about 20 years of mostly waxing cycles (2025-2045), bringing a long period of great optimism and economic expansion. This represents a shift in socio-political conditions at least as great as the American and French Revolutions, and a shift in technological advance as big as the industrial revolution! I can foresee, large scale social adjustments, and critical new technologies.

The rest of the century is somewhat so-so, with a smaller crises around 2045-2050, some growth around 2060s, followed by a severe difficult period around 2080 (even bigger than the one during next decade). A second wave of economic and technological expansion occurs during the last two decades of the century, with another crises and shifting point around 2100.

2010 is at the start of this major shifting period: there is no more stability for a while
The last peak of global optimism (all outer planets in waxing, growing, cycles was in 2000). In 2001, Saturn-Pluto opposition turned the wheel into less global optimism, and this occurred further by 2005 and 2006, when Saturn-Neptune formed another opposition. In 2008, another opposition between Saturn-Uranus marked yet another shift into further negativism. In 2010 the cardinal climax marks another shift (Jupiter-Saturn opposition). All these cycles have turned into waning mode, meaning a destructive influence for the next following years. After growth, we need pruning the excesses, the unbalances and the mistakes.

Imagine that the period surrounding the early 2010s is like the period surrounding the early 1930s, the realization that there is a great turning point for the world, the social and economic unrest become more complicated, as well as political tensions mount between countries. This is because there is a major cardinal alignment, similar in both cases, and with identical waning cycles. The shift from several waxing cycles to waning cycles between 2008 and 2011 results in much more global worries, pessimism and deconstruction. To start of, that is a very intense shift. After the cardinal climax effect of 2010, the years 2011 and 2012 will likely be a period of much deeper change, something similar to the shift observed from 2008 to 2009. Probably, the economic crises and the climate shifts will become more extreme.

Global deconstruction and economic depression becomes increasingly obvious between 2011 and 2016
During the years between 2011 and 2016 the unstable Uranus in Aries energies may bring widespread aggressive behavior, revolts, social unrest and an established economic depression, much like during the years between 1932 and 1938. This is in fact dangerous. And just like during the thirties (1935), after 2010, Saturn cycles become all waning, and this is a very negative influence.
More outer planets cycles turn waning by then, and Uranus transits late Aries: a very energetic and tensive period. The years 2013, 2014 and 2015 are key years, when events might spiral out of control (hopefully not). There might be massive changes in climate, economy, global and military affairs, and scientific inventions.

However now, despite wars, fears and power struggles, the socio-political revolution will be much more active and less destructive than during the thirties due to the fact that now Uranus-Pluto and Uranus-Neptune are in waxing cycles. Most likely the established sense of a "global world" will not change. The Internet will remain.

Between 2017 and 2024 a major event occurs (major war, famine, pandemic or revolution)
By 2017, like in 1939, the global pessimism hits the LOW with either a major scale war, pandemic, famine or revolution that lasts seven years between 2017-2024, this is because most outer planet cycles are in waning cycles. It might well be a smaller-scale world war, a small-scale nuclear war or a large regional that affects the world. In a positive way, this event will at least bring more positive social revolution, core values will change for the best, and continue to result in a global connected world. Even better, it will regenerate our stagnant societies and corrupted governments/corporations. As the graph above shows, this change will be not as destructive as the second world war, but it will dwarf the sixties.

By 2025, a recovery starts, a new period of global optimism begins, with social revolution, economic expansion and technological advance
By 2020, there is a major development of that situation (like in early 1942, US entry in the war), and global optimism only comes by 2025 (like 1945), when major waxing cycles start again, and point to the end of this massive global change. It's also interesting because mid 2024 and 2025 have Jupiter, Uranus and Mars in Gemini, and Pluto is in Aquarius, all of which are very strong indicators of historical social revolutions (think about American or French revolutions). I also think about alien and technological disclosure as a major key event by then. Revolutions will be centered around 2025, give or take it 3 years. There will be likely economic booms, around the years 2020, 2025 and 2032.

Global crises in 2014-2021. Revolution in 2028

Uranus 84-year cycles are very important to world history, and US history.

There is a clear pattern in the entry of Uranus in Aries, every 84 year cycle, of great socio-economic unrest, scientific advance and revolution: 1930s, 1840s, 1770s, 1690s, 1600s, 1510s, 1430s, 1340s.

As an example, famous people on these decades include Hitler and Gandhi, Thoreau, Karl Marx and Darwin, Newton, Galileo, Copernicus, Luther and Leonardo and Vinci, or Joana d'Arc. And events such as World War II, the Great Depression, the American and French Revolution, the Black Plague, the Industrial Revolution, and the Discovery of the Americas.

Uranus enters Aries in 2010, however the heat of the events only usually occurs during the mid-degrees of the cardinal sign. This occurs next by 2012 to 2014.

Between 2014 and 2021, there will be (very probably) a significant political, social and economic crises, with some civil unrest. This is a period of lawlessness, ideological extremism and the unconventional, of a struggle for a new identity, and during which great sociological and technological advance occurs. Imagine the roaring twenties and the dirty thirties.

Accordingly, to its cycle, this will provoke a revolutionary wave in US and around the world in 2028. This often happens when Uranus transits Gemini. Hopefully, this will be a revolution for the best, for the environment and for human nature.

This is a graph showing how will the "energy" increase.
Notice the 84-year cycle of events:

From Astrological transits

This is just an example of how the situation builds up in America and in Europe:

1756- economic and political instability (french and indian war)
1763- stamp act (civil unrest)
1770- american revolutionary war
1777- declaration of independence (French Revolution starts a few years later)

1840- american westward expansion
1847- american westward expansion (manifesto destiny) / Year of revolutions in Europe
1854- turbulent years with debate over slavery and nation division
1861- american civil war / Revolutions in Europe and China

1923- economic and political instability (stock market crash)
1930- great depression (civil unrest)
1937- second world war
1945- atomic bombings, united nations

If the patterns holds, then we will see a continuation of a global crises reaching new levels by 2014 (Uranus in Aries), and a rise of authoritarian tendencies between now and 2021 (Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus), after which a strong uprising movement will grow (Pluto in Aquarius). By 2028, the tide turns to the revolutionary and liberating side (Uranus in Gemini).

2007- economic and political instability (global recession)
2014- socio-economic crises (civil unrest) "Great Depression II"
2021- new revolutionary wave
2028- US and European revolutions

What do you think it might happen? Please feel free to discuss this at http://astrotransits.createforum.net/index.php

The next is a graph of the same Uranus transits but in the centuries before 1770. The expansionism and instability of Uranus in Aries, the socio-economic crises, and revolutionary impulses (politically and scientifically) of Uranus in Gemini, are clearly visible.

Again, notice the 84-year cycle of events:

De Astrological transits

Uranus in Aries and world revolution

Just a few weeks ago, Uranus entered Aries.
It will stay in this sign for the next 7 years.

The global set of affairs will heat a lot, with the revolutionary planet on the sign of independence, willful behavior and self-assertion. This is a time of marked change, irritation, unpredictability and defiance.

Uranus in Aries corresponds historically to a highly-charged period. Those such as the 1930s, 1840s, 1760s, 1680s, 1590s, 1510s, 1430s or 1340s.
  1. These were periods with great revolts, revolutions, national movements, famines and economic unrest. Examples were the American Revolution, the Revolutions of 1848 or the war of Peasants. However, some periods also had a tendency for aggressive nationalism and result in much division within countries and this leads to war, like it happened prior to WWII.
  2. They correspond also to a time of huge personalities that stir movement, independence, revolt and revolution. Gandhi, Hitler, Karl Marx, Georg Washington, Copernicus, Martin Luther, Joan d'Arc are examples.
  3. Finally, this is also a period full of inventions, technological advance and new scientific theories and fields of research. Examples are rocket technology, nuclear energy, distillation of oil, or the steam engine. Radical shifts in scientific models include the theory of Evolution by Darwin or the Heliocentric view by Galileo.
  4. This lively and erratic period also corresponds to times of famines and weather extremes, like the Dust Bowl of the thirties, the Irish famine, the great Russian famine or the Black Plague.

What is highly important is that, at this time, other outer planets are also in cardinal signs, which adds even more intensity. Pluto in Capricorn occurs prior to revolutionary waves across the world. The governmental power and corruption reaches a limit and it breaks down. A dramatic square between Pluto and Uranus occurs between 2012 and 2015. This is expected to be a radical and intense period.

The last time there were squares between Pluto and Uranus were during the late sixties and the thirties, both periods of great social agitation and change. The same applies for the early 2010s. Last time, Pluto was in Capricorn it preceded a period full of revolutions such as the American and the French revolutions, and the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Between 2009 and 2012, Jupiter and Saturn will also form a cardinal T-square with both Uranus and Pluto, which adds intensity and sets many events of change, year after year. And in 2014, Jupiter forms a big cardinal cross with these outer planets. Such powerful astrological configurations are an unbelievable omen of global change!

Uranus and Jupiter entered Aries in June 2010. This is the start of a high level of intensity, similar to the mid thirties or the late sixties. As Uranus progresses into Aries (2012, 2013, 2014...) the energy will increase even higher! These would be the most intense years of change. All sorts of inventions, revolts, revolutions and other big changes will begin to unfold.

The current global crises not only relates to the economy, energy and global security but also to climate change and environmental issues. It looks like everything is on the table, from nuclear weapons to oil, climate change and global economy. Even volcanic activities, an oil leak and the flu pandemic have caused global worries. Our society is not sustainable, and neither are people's behaviors.

A transformation of society, unlike anything seen before, is expected to manifest by the end of this next decade. It will take several years. Hopefully, the impulsive, impatient and often intolerant energies of Uranus in Aries will not cause any great war or dramatic social chaos. These are likely, and so it is our choice to avoid them. On a positive side, because the energies are so extreme, a much needed transformation of our societies will occur, whatever we do. Even ourselves, at a personal level, will go through big changes.

The word is "Revolution". It is the end of a "old world" and the birth of a "new world".

You can refer to my other www.spiritual2012.blogspot.com to realize that is also a spiritual transformation, the so-called 2012 phenomena.

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The Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square transiting your chart. How it works for you (work in progress)

I was writting this today, based on some research.
I guess I'm inspired!

See where your Uranus, Saturn and Pluto will be earlier next year, and read their positions in each house, below. Some configurations of this T-square (2009-2011) may feel difficult, other easier. It also depends whether it transits some of your natal planets. Feel free to mail me with your insight or comment below!

Uranus in 1st, Saturn in 7th, Pluto in 10th
PISCES very difficult
You entered now a period of great period and assertiveness, where you can strike a new path. Look for the years ahead with much change, concerning your personal identity, goals, and career. Later you will see how different this period will be when compared to previous years. Your relationships may become a very important factor. Painfull break-ups can occur. Painful changes in professional life can also occur. You will feel the heavy hand of relationships and power now. Your relationships wll be your grounding factor, so get a balance betwen the erratic need for change, and keeping your relationships. And at the same time, you will start a long new search for a new social and professional long-term meaning. This will be one of the most energetic configurations possible!

Uranus in 2nd, Saturn in 8th, Pluto in 11th AQUARIUS difficult
After years of much change, you have discovered a new identity, values and talents within yourself. Now it is the time to bring forward and make them work. You change jobs, and your income may vary, due to this interest in change, and due to interest of new ways of making your living. Saturn may bring a feeling of worry in establishing your financial security, so you may be divided within the risk and excitement of doing your own thing and working for another and having security. You have may feel pressure to correspond to your partner or a compromise with another (8th house, contracts), and thus somewhat depressed. In the long term, you must search what fullfills you. Eventually, things will end in your life (8th house) and you must establish your new path.
Have attention, since involvement with groups and humanitarian or global ideals may be a recurrent theme or issue (11th house). You have been for a long-term changing or seeking change to your career situation, so go, search and involve with your new long-term ideals (11th house). Finding joy, romance, creativity and children may be another issue.

Uranus in 3rd, Saturn in 9th, Pluto in 12th CAPRICORN easier
This is an easier configuration. You have entered or are entering a renewed social life, with much new daily activity. After years of wanting to establish your new talents and needs in your life, this appears as an uplifting period. You will be bringing forward new independence. At the same time, you may be preparing new learning situation, or searching for meaning. There might be some introspective behavior and interest in spirituality and philosophy. Search for that within your education background, and within your region of residence. You might have to change residence too, if not now, later.

Uranus in 4th, Saturn in 10th, Pluto in 1st SAGGITARIUS very difficult
You may find your personal life kind of a mess now. Familiar situations, or problems at home, or least deep inside you, cause you much restlessness and need for change. You go deep within and search for new power within, this requires great persistence and dedication. This is not easy. At the same time, you may have parenting or great professional responsability (lots of work and tasks to do) and this can cause you this restlessness or take the time you need to calm down. Balance the different situations, and go within. A great time for self-development, meditation and inner work. Many of these tools would be excellent for you. This may be a major period of change and relocation in your life.

Uranus in 5th, Saturn in 11th, Pluto in 2nd SCORPIO easier
Exciting and radical romantic or creative, or in general, your life. With much change concerning the perso you express outward. This of course, makes you discover new talents, and have new relationships with groups, ideals and social life. Overall, an easy configuration.

Uranus in 6th, Saturn in 12th, Pluto in 3th LIBRA average to difficult
This is a period where you look back to your life, and see what worked or not, and what is working or not. Thus, you may get restless with this, desiring the need for changing several small things in your daily life. Your health may suffer now. This may also stir much unrest to the people and the environment around you. Your mind is going through major changes. At times, situation can seem complicate and you lose faith. But the advice now is to calm now, to calm down the mind and change several of your assumptions, and have faith. You will enter in a new major period of your life later. Overall, despite introspective this seems not a major difficult period.

Uranus in 7th, Saturn in 1st, Pluto in 4th VIRGO difficult
Great changes in your life happen now. Your way of behaving in the outer life changes considerably, and thus so changes relationships, which often force you to change or confront situations, bringing you down and feeling lack of confidence, worried or depressed. There can be major changes at home, or in family, there is a greater need to find roots and establish foundations (possibly new) in your life. You can change place of living, but this will not be easy, but at least you will encounter many new relationships or relationships occuping much of your life.

Uranus in 8th, Saturn in 2nd, Pluto in 5th LEO difficult
A drop in income, shared resources are affected, you may have great responsability in your household expenses and having to save much more. This will make you reexamine the relationships you have with the material world and with others. Learn how to create and express yourself. You may find yourself engaging in affairs, or difficult situations with your children.

Uranus in 9th, Saturn in 3th, Pluto in 6th CANCER average
This is an easier one. You might travel abroad or expand much your horizons, ideas and philosophy of living. At the same time, you may encountering small difficulties in your daily life, concerning particularly your residence, your education and the use of your mind resources. A restless search for experience and meaning. This may affect your health but this will give you great insight for understanding the body-mind connection, and how you live a daily routine. You can also feel serious or slighty depressed at times. But this concerns with new mental discoveries. Yoga, courses, reading, further education is of great help now.

Uranus in 10th, Saturn in 4th, Pluto in 7th GEMINI difficult
The classic need for a sudden and great change or breakthrough in your professional life (after years of exploring new ideas and horizons) but you might feel stuck due to familiar situations or pressures. You can feel temporarly depressed. You feel now a need to establish roots in one place, but at the same time a need to dramatically change and innovate your career. This affects your relationships in the long-term, bringing much insight to the power and responsability, and all the issue you can confront with in a relationship, bringing you much understanding. If you have not found a partner, you will find one now, or your relationship life may change in a deep way during the next years.

Uranus in 11th, Saturn in 5th, Pluto in 8th TAURUS difficult
Now you will feel that relationships have changed you. You have finished establishing your foundations in the world, and now you deal be dealing in a new way with your relationship. You may feel heavy and brough down with this, but considerable insight into the nature of relationship will be brought. At the same time, effort concerning situations with children is also marked. Because of this, you be dealing less with your friend, or instead finding a new social life and ideals which seem contradicted by this relationship situation. Bring balance to this situation. You are looking forward many new ideals.

Uranus in 12th, Saturn in 6th, Pluto in 9th ARIES average to difficult
You may be heavily working now, without rest, and causing you to feel a lack of confidence, stress or health problems. This can be important. What is happening, is a closing of a major period of your life, where you will strike forward much more in later years. Search for new horizons, cultures, ideas, and meaning of life.

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