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Global crises in 2014-2021. Revolution in 2028

Uranus 84-year cycles are very important to world history, and US history.

There is a clear pattern in the entry of Uranus in Aries, every 84 year cycle, of great socio-economic unrest, scientific advance and revolution: 1930s, 1840s, 1770s, 1690s, 1600s, 1510s, 1430s, 1340s.

As an example, famous people on these decades include Hitler and Gandhi, Thoreau, Karl Marx and Darwin, Newton, Galileo, Copernicus, Luther and Leonardo and Vinci, or Joana d'Arc. And events such as World War II, the Great Depression, the American and French Revolution, the Black Plague, the Industrial Revolution, and the Discovery of the Americas.

Uranus enters Aries in 2010, however the heat of the events only usually occurs during the mid-degrees of the cardinal sign. This occurs next by 2012 to 2014.

Between 2014 and 2021, there will be (very probably) a significant political, social and economic crises, with some civil unrest. This is a period of lawlessness, ideological extremism and the unconventional, of a struggle for a new identity, and during which great sociological and technological advance occurs. Imagine the roaring twenties and the dirty thirties.

Accordingly, to its cycle, this will provoke a revolutionary wave in US and around the world in 2028. This often happens when Uranus transits Gemini. Hopefully, this will be a revolution for the best, for the environment and for human nature.

This is a graph showing how will the "energy" increase.
Notice the 84-year cycle of events:

From Astrological transits

This is just an example of how the situation builds up in America and in Europe:

1756- economic and political instability (french and indian war)
1763- stamp act (civil unrest)
1770- american revolutionary war
1777- declaration of independence (French Revolution starts a few years later)

1840- american westward expansion
1847- american westward expansion (manifesto destiny) / Year of revolutions in Europe
1854- turbulent years with debate over slavery and nation division
1861- american civil war / Revolutions in Europe and China

1923- economic and political instability (stock market crash)
1930- great depression (civil unrest)
1937- second world war
1945- atomic bombings, united nations

If the patterns holds, then we will see a continuation of a global crises reaching new levels by 2014 (Uranus in Aries), and a rise of authoritarian tendencies between now and 2021 (Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus), after which a strong uprising movement will grow (Pluto in Aquarius). By 2028, the tide turns to the revolutionary and liberating side (Uranus in Gemini).

2007- economic and political instability (global recession)
2014- socio-economic crises (civil unrest) "Great Depression II"
2021- new revolutionary wave
2028- US and European revolutions

What do you think it might happen? Please feel free to discuss this at http://astrotransits.createforum.net/index.php

The next is a graph of the same Uranus transits but in the centuries before 1770. The expansionism and instability of Uranus in Aries, the socio-economic crises, and revolutionary impulses (politically and scientifically) of Uranus in Gemini, are clearly visible.

Again, notice the 84-year cycle of events:

De Astrological transits

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